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What's Going On? (BIG things are coming!!)


"THRIVE 6 is out of stock! Is it ever coming back?"
You may have noticed we're getting a little low on mushrooms....
  • Lion’s Mane powder is out of stock.
  • Lion’s Mane capsules are out of stock.
  • And perhaps even most surprising- THRIVE 6 extract powder is out of stock… (the caps are still available!)

So what’s going on???

First of all, I wanted to apologize for running out of stock on your favorite mushrooms. 

We really didn't mean for this to happen.

There are some BIG changes coming at FreshCap over the next month or so… and we messed up the timing a little bit. 

People are loving their mushrooms- and we couldn’t keep things on the shelf long enough to get through the change. 

But things are about to get so “mush” better!

Here’s what’s coming in the next few weeks:

  • A fresh new look (you may already notice the new logo!)
  • Upgraded packaging based on YOUR feedback
  • 7 new mushroom powered products (seriously!)

We are so freaking excited to share all the NEW NEW NEW with you. 

I promise you’re going to love it-

If you want to follow along with all the exciting changes, and be the first to know about new product launches, be sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for text notifications (for US numbers only).

Thanks a million for being part of the FreshCap family!


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