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10 Supplements and Vitamins to Boost Your Coffee (Besides Butter)

Coffee is awesome on its own with tons of caffeine and antioxidants. Sometimes, however, you want to squeeze a little more from your morning cup. You can find plenty of supplements and vitamins for coffee to boost your cup and make it taste great at the same time. From brain power to workout support, try some of these mix-ins and see what you like best!  

10 Supplements and Vitamins to Boost Your Coffee

Some of these supplements and vitamins for coffee you might already have sitting around your pantry. There's no rule about keeping them separate either. Give unique combinations a shot like ginger + cardamom or turmeric + mushrooms and see where your new healthy coffee takes you.  

1. Maca in Coffee

maca powder
Maca root is loaded with over 20 amino acids -- including eight of your nine essential amino acids -- along with tons of trace essential vitamins like vitamin B6. Pretty impressive. Traditionally found and consumed in the Andes region, maca is well studied today for its hormonal benefits. Studies say that maca root may improve libido, fertility in men, and help ease uncomfortable menopause symptoms. (1, 2, 3) Taking between 1 and 3 teaspoons of maca per day is ideal, so reap the potential benefits by mixing it into your cup of coffee each morning.  

2. Turmeric in Coffee

Turmeric, especially its active ingredient curcumin, is well studied for its anti-inflammatory properties. (4) While inflammation is important for killing pathogens and helping your body heal, excessive inflammatory hormones can be painful and even dangerous. Research shows that adding curcumin to your vitamin blend might support brain health by stimulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor as well. (5) Not only can curcumin in turmeric possibly reduce inflammation, but it might also increase antioxidant capacity across your entire body. (6) By now, you've probably seen golden milk on social media, but you can also add some turmeric right to your coffee as well.  

3. Medicinal Mushrooms in Coffee

Medicinal mushrooms can give your morning cup of coffee a massive antioxidant boost for your immune system. Plus, they're rich in B vitamins like vitamins B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B5, as well as dietary fiber, which are all great for brain health. Lion's Mane mushroom, for example, might stimulate nerve growth factor in the brain, which can prevent memory loss and improve cognitive function. (7) Cordyceps, a favorite fungus among athletes, might boost oxygen uptake and improve ATP production. (8) Most medicinal mushrooms don't taste great on their own, so it's best to mix them into your cup of coffee to enjoy the health benefits.  

4. Ginger in Coffee

Ginger is another awesome vitamin coffee option because it's loaded with potential anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants like gingerol. (9) Ginger doesn't get enough credit as a superfood but it should because studies show ginger might reduce muscle pain, menstrual pain, arthritis pain, and improve digestion. (10, 11, 12) Create your own unique house blend with some ginger and French vanilla extract for a delicious morning cup of coffee.  

5. Collagen in Coffee

Many people don't realize that collagen is a borderline superfood. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body -- every cell needs it to function. Adding a scoop of collagen to your cup of joe can help reduce joint pain, support strong bones, boost muscle mass, and reduce signs of aging like wrinkles. (13, 14) Not only that, but collagen provides some nice amino acids, and it's naturally gluten-free.  

6. Cardamom in Coffee

For a true cup of Arabica coffee, add some cardamom to your espresso. A staple in Middle Eastern brews, the flavor of cardamom instantly livens any cup of coffee. Like most of the suggestions for vitamin coffee on this list, cardamom is also loaded with antioxidants to help fight inflammation and disease. (15) If you struggle with jitters from your usual morning cup of coffee, consider adding a little cardamom. Studies show it might lower high blood pressure, which makes it useful for combatting the negative effects of coffee. (16) Who needs flavored K-cups and coffee pods when you've got cardamom?  

7. Cacao in Coffee

cacao powder
Cacao powder is a heaven-sent for chocolate lovers because it's naturally sugar-free and low-calorie. Add a scoop of cacao powder to your Arabica or French roast grounds before you brew. You'll have an instant mocha. Not only does cacao taste great, but it's also packed with -- you guessed it -- antioxidants to fight inflammation. As a bonus, the polyphenols in your cacao roast coffee might improve cognitive function by boosting blood flow to the brain, making it a perfect pair with caffeine. (17)  

8. Cinnamon in Coffee

Cinnamon is another ingredient you can toss into your roast coffee before you hit the brew button, so the flavor and nutrients infuse into your cup of joe. Who needs Keurig K-cups when you can make your own flavored cup? Coffee is already great for reducing your risk of heart disease, and adding some cinnamon to your morning cup of coffee makes it even better. (18) Studies show that cinnamon might improve cholesterol levels and reduce insulin resistance.  

9. Peppermint Oil in Coffee

peppermint oil
Food-grade peppermint oil is a perfect addition to your morning cup because it's delicious and versatile. A few of the many health benefits of peppermint include reducing IBS symptoms and soothing stomachs. (19) If coffee tends to upset your stomach, try adding a few drops of peppermint oil.  

10. Cayenne Pepper in Coffee

While not for the faint of heart, cayenne pepper is a superfood powerhouse. Research shows that cayenne pepper might boost metabolism and lower blood pressure. (20, 21) Try adding a pinch of cayenne to your roast coffee grounds before brewing, so it's easier to mix.  

Vitamins and Coffee: The Bottom Line

Consider your goals before putting your essential vitamins, supplements, and vitamins in coffee. Are you trying to lose weight, boost energy levels, or improve brain health? Choose the perfect add-ins and stick with it. Most supplements and antioxidants take a few weeks to "build up" in your system before you notice an improvement, so don't get discouraged and quit after a few days.
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