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Mushroom Lovers Gift Guide 2022

Looking for something to satisfy the mushroom lover on your list? Whether they're into foraging, mushroom technology, mushrooms for health, or even just appreciate some shroom-tastic art, there's something out there to satisfy their fungal desires. Here's the best gift ideas of 2022 for foodies, music lovers, art fanatics and mushroom gurus!

1. Mushroom Ornaments and Cutting Boards (Spoon and Hook)

Spoon and Hook creates amazing mushroom ornaments and cutting boards which are hard to resist! Don't fret if they show "sold out" as they restock new items on Sundays- so feel free to check back for new products. Check them out here.

2. Mushroom Art And Yoga Mats ( Danielle Caners)

Looking for some amazing vibrant art for your walls? Not only are these pieces extremely eye catching on first glance- but the details continue to get better the longer you look. They come as standalone prints, but you can even get some of these fantastic prints on yoga mats! Check out her shop here.

3. Mushroom Knowledge From The Mushroom Show

Want to stay on top of all things mushrooms? Grab a FREE (yes... free) subscription to The Mushroom Show. On The Mushroom Show, our co-founder Tony will keep you up to date on all the latest mushroom news, interview the best and brightest in the mushroom space, and explore different topics ranging from mushroom technology and mushroom cultivation to functional mushrooms and even the ever changing world of psilocybin. The show comes out every two weeks on Tuesdays at 10AM MST on YouTube and Spotify. Subscribe here today!

4. Mushroom Music By Plant Wave

Need a creative gift for the music lover in your life? How about the gift of fungi and plant music! This little devices allows you to connect to the sounds of nature. Just find some of your favourite fungi or plants, connect the electrodes, and be wowed by their amazing sounds! It comes with an app that allows you to tune it to different types of music. Grab a device here!

5. Truffle Sauce

Are you a truffle lover? No need to head out into the woods with your truffle pig and dig until your nails fall off. Check out these unique and tasty products from Truff where you can get the indulgent flavours of truffles all bottled up and ready to go! They've got variety of products to choose from including hot sauces, mayo, pasta sauce, oils, and salt in a variety of flavours. Great for all those food lovers out there! Grab some here today!

6. Mushroom Magazine

Keep on top of the latest mushroom news with a copy of The Mushroom magazine! This magazine has new research articles, tasty recipes, great photography, and so much more. You can grab a digital copy, or even better hard copy of this biannual magazine. You'll be impressed by the quality, these are truly pieces of art! Grab your copy here!

7. Mushroom Print Bags by Ellebee Tree

Give the unique gift of a custom mushroom print bag to those mushroom lovers in your life! You can design each bag down to each detail to make it one-of-a-kind! Don't worry if there is too many options, she also assists to match fabrics and you can also grab some ready made bags as well! Design a bag today!

8. Mushroom Stickers, Apparel and Art (Irene Antonez)

From mushroom stickers to t-shirts, paintings and more, Irene has got you covered with her colourful and creative prints that are all things fungi! Check out the selection here!

9. Mushroom Books

  There are hundreds of mushroom books out there- it's hard to know which ones to get! Here are some awesome options for different types of mushroom lovers. Foragers: Mushrooms Demystified by David Aurora
Mushrooms Demystified is an essential guide for anyone interested in mushrooms. In the book, David Aurora provides a thorough and detailed exploration of the world of fungi, covering everything from identification and ecology to cooking and medicinal uses. Whether you're a seasoned mushroom hunter or simply want to learn more about these fascinating organisms, this book is a must-read. See Book
General Interest: Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake Entangled Life is a fascinating and beautifully written exploration of the hidden world of fungi. In the book, Merlin Sheldrake delves into the complex and interconnected networks of fungi that exist beneath our feet, and shows how these organisms play a crucial role in maintaining the health of ecosystems around the world. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the natural world and the hidden forces that shape it. See Book Coffee Table Book: Mushrooming - The Joy of the Quiet Hunt This is a beautifully illustrated book covering all types of wild mushrooms. Acting as a guide to fungi of the forest, covering everything from harmless Candy Caps to deadly Destroying Angels, flipping through this book is the next best thing to a walk in the woods! See Book Wildcard: Fly Agaric - A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology and Exploration Most mushroom books that are hundreds of pages long cover a variety of different species. This is not a normal mushroom book. Covering literally everything you'd ever want to know about Amanita muscaria (and sub species) this book is an amazing resource for those wanting to become intimately familiar with this famous shroom that is well known but not well understood. See Book

10. Tasty Stocking Stuffers

There's a crazy number of new mushroom based food products and drinks coming out all the time! Here's some top choices to try this holiday season: Odyssey Elixir These tasty drinks are packed with functional mushrooms like Lion's Mane for a brain boost and Cordyceps for energy. Low in sugar but brimming with flavor! Check Out Odyssey Savoury Wild Mushroom Jerky What happens when you take portabello mushrooms, marinate them in succulent flavors and gently dry them in small batches over several hours? You get a delicious snack powered by mushrooms. This jerky is admittedly a little addictive... so you might want to get a few bags. Check It Out Popadelics Mushroom Chips Once you "pop' you just can't stop. These tasty mushroom chips are made from dried Shiitake and are available in four different flavours. Check Them Out

11. Mushroom Powders (FreshCap)

Don't forget some mushroom products to finish off your gift list! We have a wide range of products to choose from that are great for immune support, focus, energy and more. Check out our products here! Some other great gifts ideas are a Mushroom Tapestry by FungiFocus, mushroom mugs and bowls by Rosehill Pottery and a great selection of books on mushrooms on our guide here. Also don't forget to check out our other gift guides for more options!
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