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Medicinal Mushroom Powder For Radiant Healthy Skin

Regular readers will be familiar with the incredible health-promoting properties of medicinal mushrooms. But what can our favorite fungi do for our looks? The commercial skin care world is finally catching on to what traditional Chinese medicine has known for millennia- although a little unusual looking themselves, therapeutic mushrooms can help us to look our absolute best. Mushrooms are turning up in topical serums, lotions and creams and, of course, in various supplement forms targeting a range of skin conditions. But if you’re the type who would rather ingest mushrooms than apply topical skin products, feel free to add them in your daily diet. Or better, use the right medicinal mushroom powder that you can easily mix in your food or beverage.  

Best Mushrooms for Your Skin

But which mushrooms will help address your specific skin concerns? Here are a few of the highly recommended mushrooms you can try to have healthier and more radiant skin. Some of them can be also purchased as a ready-to-use medicinal mushroom powder.  

Reishi: Hydrate the Skin & Heal Wounds and Bites

If hydration is your goal, Reishi is your guy. Its high levels of beta-glucans and triterpenes (the special sugars in mushrooms which assist the immune system) support the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, helping to soothe and plump dry skin. This property of Reishi mushrooms has been likened to hyaluronic acid – the hydrating superhero ingredient that has been all over beauty counters in the last few years. Struggling with sunburn, insect bites or rashes? Once again, reishi will come to the rescue. These mushrooms have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-allergenic and antihistamine qualities. This powerful combination kick starts the immune system, promotes circulation and aids in skin healing.  

Shiitake: Brighten the Skin

Shiitake mushrooms contain kojic acid which has long been used in traditional Chinese remedies as a skin lightener. Kojic acid can reduce the melatonin produced on the skin’s surface, meaning that as old cells are exfoliated away, the new ones are lighter. Whilst the western skin care market focuses less on skin lightening, there is demand for brightening products which even out skin tone and lighten dark spots. These mushrooms have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-allergenic and antihistamine qualities. This powerful combination kick starts the immune system, promotes circulation and aids in skin healing.  

Cauliflower Mushroom: Reduce Wrinkles

The Archives of Dermatological Research reported that phenolic veratric acid – a compound found in medicinal mushrooms (in this particular study, cauliflower mushrooms) – helped to improve the appearance of wrinkles on sun-damaged skin  

Chaga: Combat Aging and Irritation

Pollution and sun exposure, among other sources, create free radical damage in the body. Medical News Today supports the view that, as an antioxidant powerhouse, chaga has huge potential to fight the effects of this oxidative stress (wrinkles, sagging skin, inflammation etc.).  

Cordyceps: Soothe Hormonal Skin

Cordyceps are known to influence the endocrine system of glands and the hormones they secrete. Although this has a wider effect on energy, metabolism and reproductive health, it also shows up in our skin. If you struggle with hormonal acne, cordyceps may be the medicinal mushroom for you. It’s also available in powder form.  

Harnessing the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms in Your Skincare

We’re excited about the growing use of mushrooms in topical cosmetics and would love to hear about your favorite products as you discover them. Since we believe in optimal health – including skin health – from the inside out, we suggest using powdered mushroom extracts as well. Although they can be a little more time consuming to prepare than popping a capsule, they are super versatile and can be added to tea, coffee, smoothies, and salads – even your baking.  

Find the Best Medicinal Mushroom Powder for Radiant Skin

Want to give it a go? Make sure you choose a mushroom powder that actually gives you mushroom power! There are many wonderful supplements out there, but also some that contain no actual mushroom at all. Really. The compounds that provide the actual benefits your body needs come from the actual fruiting body of these medicinal mushrooms (the part sold in grocery stores, that you associate with the word “mushroom”). However, some supplements are made from the mycelium and are not going to give you any bang for your buck. Steer clear. The mushrooms need to go through hot water extraction process to squeeze out all those good compounds locked up inside the cell walls and make them bio-available in measurable amounts. With this process, you get the benefits you signed up for.  

How Do I Use the Mushroom Powder?

It’s up to you! The beauty of the powdered extract is its versatility – sprinkle it on salads or add to a batch of vegan brownies! Check out some of our recipes for inspiration and experiment. Of course, radiant skin comes with a balanced diet, so ensure yours is well rounded and nutrient dense. And also be sure you’re drinking enough water. It sounds obvious, but in our busy lives, the good intention to drink half our body weight in ounces each day can fall by the wayside. Even the best diet and supplement regime will struggle without nature’s natural detoxifier, cleanser, and moisturizer. Even if you’re not going all in with a topical mushroom-based approach to skincare, try to ensure you use natural products with no artificial colors, perfumes or preservatives. This will ensure that the medicinal mushroom powder has a maximum chance of success.  

How Long Before My Skin Starts to Glow?

We recommend using your chosen extract or blend every day for at least a couple of weeks. Some people report results in less time, but certain extracts like Reishi work best when they’re taken consistently over time. Try to have patience. We’d love to hear your stories and see some before-and-after pictures, so keep us in the loop. Whichever medicinal mushroom powder you choose, enjoy your extracts. We think they’ll be a huge bonus to your skincare regime and your overall wellbeing.
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