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What To Put In Coffee- 18 Surprising Boosts To Your Morning Cup

Sick of your ho-hum non-dairy creamer? A pinch of cinnamon not doing the trick? If you're wondering what to put in your coffee and sick of your usual go-to's, you're in the right place. We've got 18 superfood, flavor-enhancing ingredients to give your morning cup the makeover it desperately needs.  

What to Put in Your Coffee This Weekend: 18 Superfoods and Flavor Boosts

While all these ingredients have at least one or two extra health benefits, some are jam-packed with superfood potential. However, we know your morning cup of Joe is about more than health benefits. We know you need incredible flavor, too. From antioxidants and protein to twisting your taste buds, you'll definitely want to give some of the more unique entries on this list a shot.  

1. Grass-Fed Butter

grass-fed butter
The Bulletproof Coffee trend elevated this combination to viral status but it's not going anywhere. Grass-fed butter is still a popular coffee boost -- and for good reason! Not only is the high-fat content more satiating than a cup of Joe alone, but it also encourages your body to burn fat stores as energy.  

2. MCT Oil

The keto crowd made MCT oil popular but regular folks can reap the benefits, too! Medium-chain triglycerides boost your body's fat-burning potential, function as an instant source of energy, and improve brainpower. (1) Plus, they may also defend against memory loss and Alzheimer's. (2, 3)  

3. Coconut Oil

coconut oil
Coconut oil is one of nature's richest sources of medium-chain triglycerides. If you've got some in your cupboard, add a spoonful to your morning coffee. Coconut oil gives you all the amazing benefits of MCT oil and it makes your coffee super silky with a non-dairy, buttery taste.  

4. Mushroom Powder

Many people don't realize that many mushrooms are filled with medicinal properties like antioxidants for reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system. Lion's mane, turkey tail, chaga, reishi -- look for a mushroom powder extract blend with a combination of functional fungi. Plus, mushroom extracts are paleo, vegan, and keto-friendly (and won't add too much mushroomy flavoring to your coffee).  

5. Collagen Powder

Collagen is all the rage right now but science backs up the benefits. Collagen powder is flavorless so it's perfect for giving your morning cup of coffee a boost. As a vital protein with amino acids found in every cell of the body, collagen powder may reduce wrinkles, boost skin elasticity, strengthen muscles, and so much more! (4)  

6. Protein Powder

Sure, you could go all-out with the Ninja and make a Starbucks-style frappe. However, you could also just add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to your cup of Joe for a satisfying pick-me-up. Not only do you get the benefits of protein and amino acids, but you get a bold streak of flavoring (like cake, chocolate, vanilla, etc.) from your powder blend.  

7. Cardamom

Cardamom hype is real. In some parts of the world, you can find coffee grounds already boldly flavored with cardamom seed extract. You can easily find cardamom in the baking aisle or essential oils online. For an authentic take, try brewing it the traditional way on the stove.  

8. Hazelnut

Skip the sugary syrups. Make your ice coffee burst with natural flavor from ground hazelnut instead. You can even find pure hazelnut oil.  

9. Club Soda

Another interesting Nordic habit includes adding tonic water or club soda to coffee. It sounds kind of cringey, but ice coffee with a little carbonation and creamer creates a delightful twist on cream soda.  

10. Salt

You like sea salt chocolate and salted caramel, right? Well, why wouldn't you like a little pinch of salt in your cup of coffee, too? Salt helps break up the bitterness and if you find yourself craving a bag of chips at noon, this may be a worthwhile solution.  

11. Honey

Skip the refined sugars and add a spoonful of honey to your piping hot cup. Don't bother trying in your cold brew though -- it will just stick to the bottom.  

12. Full Fat Coconut Milk

Full fat coconut milk is the perfect non-dairy coffee creamer.  

13. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is great on its own. However, you can also combine it with cinnamon and cardamom to make your own chai seasoning.  

14. Lemon or Lime

Some people swear that a squirt of potent citrus reduces the bitterness and highlights sweet tones.  

15. Ice Cream

In Germany, it's common to pour a shot of espresso over a single scoop of ice cream. Keep it healthy by choosing protein-packed or vegan options like Halo Top.  

16. Cocoa Powder

cocoa powder
Once you discover the low-calorie power of cocoa powder, you'll never look back. Unsweetened cocoa powder is the ideal solution for chocolate lovers trying to stay healthy because it blends well in yogurts, baked goods, smoothies, and of course: your morning mocha.  

17. Fresh Cinnamon Stick and Pumpkin Puree

A cinnamon stick alone wouldn't be enough right? Boost your body with beta carotene from pumpkin puree. Just make sure to blend it well and add a little creamer. You'll have a delicious pumpkin coffee smoothie. Pumpkin spice lattes got nothing on this.  

18. Pure Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean

vanilla bean
Pure vanilla extract works well in both iced and hot coffee. Plus, it's much cheaper to make your own latte at home instead of buying one every morning at Starbucks. You could also add vanilla beans to your bag of coffee beans or coffee grounds to infuse the flavoring before you brew.  

The Bottom Line

Sure, caffeine is powerful on its own, but ingredients like medicinal mushrooms, coconut oil, and collagen can elevate your morning cup of coffee to superfood status. Flavor helps too. Try out these combinations and see what you like best!
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