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Add a little magic to your morning.

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It's coffee.
But better.

100% organic arabica coffee, blended with functional mushrooms to boost your focus and up your energy. It tastes like coffee. Works like magic. And is an all-natural way to get you powering through the day – without the coffee jitters or afternoon crash.


Mushroom Coffee


Really great as a morning drink!

"I added Mushroom Coffee to my morning routine. The taste is amazing. One could easily substitute this for coffee, if they wanted. It also allows me to get my dose of Lion's Mane, Chaga and Ashwagandha." - Billy


Our mushrooms do more

These ain’t your average pizza toppings. Our medicinal mushrooms have been carefully selected to help you wake up well and kick butt all day long. Lion’s Mane gets your brain firing on all cylinders. Chaga provides powerful immunity and anti-anxiety support. And ashwagandha is included for stress reduction. Just add hot water and reap all the benefits of these fantastic fungi.


Easy to use!

Get the benefits of mushroom coffee in just three easy steps. Just mix one packet with 8-10 fl oz of hot water, stir and enjoy!

Packed with powerful ingredients

Lion’s Mane is not your traditional “cap and stem” mushroom. Instead, it can be found growing naturally on hardwood logs all over the world where it blooms into beautiful snowball-like formations. Traditionally, this mushroom was used for stomach ailments and digestive issues, while also being used as an immune system modulator. Today, Lion’s Mane is most famous for it’s incredible brain-boosting benefits.

Like other functional mushrooms, Chaga is packed with powerful beta-glucans to support immune health. But this do-it-all mushroom is also bursting with triterpenoids, antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to support true whole-body wellness. Traditional use involved making a tea for treatment of certain types of cancers, and it has also been used for digestive disorders and skin health. Our Chaga is wild harvested to take full advantage of the complex and beneficial relationship between the mushroom and the birch trees that it grows on.

Ashwagandha is a well-studied herb that helps your body handle stress, balances out hormones and helps fight adrenal fatigue. Studies have also examined how consuming ashwagandha may help improve symptoms of anxiety.

This one's obvious. But our 100% organic arabica is combined with the other ingredients to help mellow out its naturally stimulating effects and lower the overall caffeine content, while still giving you that all-important coffee kick.

Backed by our 100% happiness guarantee

At FreshCap we’re all about improving lives, one functional mushroom at a time. If you don’t 100% adore your products, we’ll make it right.


Mushrooms for health might seem like a funny concept – but it’s nothing new. Properly extracted functional mushrooms are used to support immunity, energy, vitality, cognitive function, and so much more.

The fruiting body is the part of the mushroom that you see, the actual “mushroom”. Believe or not, many companies sell “mycelium on grain” or the “roots” of the mushroom that typically grows underground. The problem is that these “mycelium on grain” supplements contain only trace amounts of the beneficial compounds you’re looking for in a mushroom supplement. If you are looking for the real benefits of mushrooms, make sure the supplement is made from “whole fruiting body”.

Absolutely! We take both quality and safety very seriously. That’s why all of our mushrooms are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, microbial contamination and gluten, before and after being packaged in our US based GMP Certified facility.

We stand by our happiness guarantee! If you're unhappy with your elixir for any reason, be sure to reach out to and we'll make it right. Unused and unopened product can be returned for a refund. If you would like to make a return, please reach out to us directly for more information.

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Great tasting and brain fog eliminator!

"Don’t go a morning without this, day isn’t the same if I miss out on it." - Matt